Happy New Year From SmartMix!
By Smartmix / 02.01.2020 11:01 h

Happy new year from the team at SmartMix! We're glad to be your mixer of choice in 2020.

At SmartMix, we understand the value of keeping your transaction history private, and the vital role we play in keeping...

Blockchain Analysis Is Getting Better, But Mixers Still Protect You
By Smartmix / 02.11.2019 12:11 h

According to a new report released by cybersecurity firm Ciphertrace, its software can track up to 87% of the global cryptocurrency transaction volume.  It is getting easier every day for authorities to use blockchain...

Who Is Using Bitcoin Mixers?
By Smartmix / 06.10.2019 04:10 h

Cryptocurrency holders often use bitcoin mixers like SmartMix for privacy reasons, not as an attempt to hide illegal activity or income. Despite their dubious reputation, bitcoin mixers are legal services that operate in t...

Announcement: SmartMix Is Now A Donation-Based Mixer
By Smartmix / 16.08.2019 11:08 h

Hello SmartMix Customers,

Today the SmartMix team would like to announce that we are officially moving to a donation-based model for our mixer. All service fees will be used to pay out rewards in our referral and...

Be Aware of Phishing Scams and Imitations
By Smartmix / 13.08.2019 01:08 h

We are aware of a new mixer that has launched recently with a name and some features very similar to SmartMix. At SmartMix, we're committed to protecting your anonymity, but we can't guarantee the speed, fees, or a...