Now You're Ready to Mix Bitcoin!

Your output address and payment delay preferences have been stored in the mixer.

Mix Information

Waiting for funds

Output Address(es) - 100%
Service fee 0.5 %
Transaction fee per address 0.0001 BTC
Total transaction fee 0.00010 BTC
Send your Bitcoin ( Minimum 0.001 BTC ) to this address
Mixing key
Mixing Rules - Failure to follow these rules can result in lost Bitcoin!

Minimum Payment: 0.001 BTC (do not send less than this)

Maximum payment: 230 BTC (do not send more than this)

You have up to 72 hours to send in your payment.

If you specified more than one output address, your payment will be sent to you in separate transactions for each output address, with a delay between each payment.

Input Payment Information
No input payments found.
Output Payment Information
Output payment will be generated after 2 confirmations.

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By deleting the mix you will remove all traces of the mix from our server including the log files that we normally keep for 7 days.
Please be aware that we will not be able to reply to inquiries about your mix after you have deleted it.